Talk at the Wagner Society of Scotland

On Sunday 14th October I will be giving a talk about my project at the Wagner Society of Scotland meeting at the Edinburgh Society of Musicians, 3 Belford Road (by Dean Bridge).
Admission £5 members; £6 guests.

Details here:

Everybody welcome!

Questionnaire deadline

For those of you who took paper or email questionnaires, I set tomorrow (31st May) as the official deadline. However, the online questionnaire at

will remain online until 8th August and I will continue to check it.

Student replies have flooded in in the last couple of weeks – many thanks to friends and acquaintances at Manchester, Glasgow, Oxford and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland who have filled in questionnaires themselves and cajoled others into doing so.

Also many thanks to the Wagner Societies of Scotland, Ireland and London. Your help and support is invaluable and you bring a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience to my work as well as sharing a deep love of the music of the man himself. London members, I know your help is yet to come after your July journal is published – it is still very much needed!

BUT (yes, there’s always a BUT!)


Any replies gratefully accepted!

Wagner Society of Scotland

I had the privilege last night of attending a Wagner Society of Scotland meeting. The speaker was Humphrey Burton on Solti. It was great to hear about Solti from someone who knew him and to gain an insight into the personality of this great conductor. The clips chosen by Humphrey Burton were truly inspiring. Highlights for me were Lucia Popp singing the third of Strauss’ Four Last Songs  and film of the Vienna Philharmonic recording the Ring with Solti.

I also enjoyed meeting members of the society. All the Wagner societies have been very supportive of my work and I have received some interesting feedback from their members via the questionnaires. Replies are still being accepted right until August. Another quick plug for the questionnaire at Keep those responses coming, especially if you are a student or academic!

I have been asked to speak to the Wagner Society of Scotland in October, an occasion I am looking forward to very much. More on that nearer the time.