Writing for the RSNO

As well as writing and translating, I also work as a full-time viola player with the RSNO. Part of my work there involves writing programme articles and giving pre-concert talks.

Now I’ve completed my MA I have a little more time available to do this and right now I’m thoroughly enjoying learning more about unfamiliar pieces, such as Messiaen’s Les Offrandes Oubliees, which we are performing in November. For more details, see the RSNO website. For Edinburgh:


For Glasgow:


Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what angle to take on a piece. This is particularly true when I’m writing my “Insight” articles for the programme, as these are more about personal reflections on a programme or piece, or the performance process from the player’s perspective. I was asked to write something on Vaughan Williams 5 and readily accepted, as it’s a piece I love, only to have to think long and hard about exactly how I was going to articulate that! You’ll have to wait until November for that one, but later this week I may share the contents of my article for the season opener!