Engaging with readers

It’s been far too long since I last posted up. My excuse is that it’s been a busy time.

Responses to the questionnaire came in thick and fast once students got towards the end of term. I would still like more replies from undergraduates, though. How about clicking on http://www.thesistools.com/web/?id=271758 and giving it a go during the holidays?!

I don’t want to say too much about the questionnaire whilst I’m still gathering responses, but I have found it a really interesting process. I’ve had some very interesting responses about translation style, which is one of the biggest problems with the text. I’ve engaged with some very well-read people, most of whom have a deep love for Wagner’s music, so it’s been great to share that. Some of these people have sent me down paths in Wagner’s background that I wouldn’t have found for myself and set me thinking about how I interpret the text. Thanks to all of you for that.

I’ve also been enjoying playing with one of my favourite tools going back to when I was studying English with the Open University – the concordancer. I feed the open question responses from the questionnaires into the concordancer and then search on individual words. The machine sorts them all in their context with the keyword lined up in the middle. This is a quick and fascinating way of comparing responses and looking for trends. I can also make lists of word frequencies.

This afternoon’s work is going to be looking at  differences in interpretation between my translation and William Ashton Ellis, using a bit of textual analysis.